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The benefits of cone-beam dental imaging

Dental radiographs, commonly called x-rays, have been around for a long time. New advances in imaging technology are made Dental Imagingregularly because dental radiographs are a valuable tool dentists use. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new imaging technology called cone-beam dental imaging your dentist can see delicate structures like sinuses, root canals and even nerves. To benefit from cone beam technology, you need to see a dentist who is state-of-the-art like Dr. Michael Wing of Birkdale Dental in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Cone beam dental imaging is revolutionary because it provides images in three dimensions, allowing a full picture of the head, face and mouth, and all the smaller structures like nerves and tooth roots. With just a few clicks, Dr. Wing has access to virtually every view of your face, mouth and teeth. He has all available information to do an accurate, comprehensive treatment plan.

Cone beam imaging is easy too. You just sit in a chair for a 10-second imaging scan. That’s it! No more hard plastic appliances in your mouth and uncomfortable positioning.

There are many benefits of cone beam imaging when compared to conventional x-rays. Cone beam imaging is:

  • More comfortable and quicker than conventional x-rays
  • Far more detailed, providing a 3D image in full color that can be rotated to see any angle
  • More convenient because it requires only one scan instead of several x-rays
  • The scan can also be reproduced and provided to other dental or medical providers. There is no film to relabel or duplicate and no chance of film getting lost.

When you visit Dr. Wing, you can be assured of the very best care with the very best technology, cone beam imaging technology. Why settle for old school dental methods when you deserve the newest, most accurate imaging technology? You need to see the best to get the best, which is why you need to call Dr. Michael Wing of Birkdale Dental in Huntersville, North Carolina, serving patients in the Greater Charlotte and Huntersville area. Don’t settle for less. Call today and discover the benefits of cone beam imaging!